Vuepoint Mid Review

Comparison & Conclusion


The Vuepoint Mid is by far the lightest non-tabletop tripod I have every tested or am aware of.  It gets the camera to a very workable height while adding a negligible amount of bulk to the pack.  The downside is that stability suffers.  Accounting for the height and low weight of the Vuepoint Mid, it’s not terrible though.  It is enough to support lightweight camera gear in good shooting conditions.  If you need more stability, your only option is to go for a heavier tripod.  The Vuepoint Mid offers those people who wouldn’t otherwise carry a tripod the opportunity to expand the type of shots they can get and is therefore a great addition to the market.

A variety of little features that we normally find on a tripod are absent, but this doesn’t prevent the Vuepoint from accomplishing the core function of competently supporting a camera.  The big downside of the Vuepoint is the plastic construction which, while lightweight, reduces the durability when compared to a similar metal construction.  Ultimately the verdict on the Vuepoint comes down to a single question, “Does the reduction in weight justify the compromises in features and construction?”  For many the answer will be an emphatic ‘Yes!’ and the Vuepoint Mid will allow you to carry a tripod when and where you never have before.


  • Extremely light weight
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy setup and takedown


  • Plastic parts
  • Minimal operational versatility
  • Low stiffness

Compared To:

For a more complete list, see the travel tripods ranking page.

 Vuepoint MaxVuepoint MidPD Travel Tripod CarbonLeofoto LS-224CSirui T-025X
Stiffness Nm/rad199.070.0518.0390.0205.0
Damping Js/rad0.330.
Height in (cm)50.5 (128.3)40.0 (101.6)50.5 (128.3)43.6 (110.7)37.2 (94.5)
Weight lbs (kg)0.899 (0.408)0.476 (0.216)2.388 (1.083)1.596 (0.724)1.486 (0.674)
Folded Length in (cm)19.3 (49.0)18.6 (47.2)14.2 (36.1)16.0 (40.6)11.9 (30.2)
Folded Volume (L)

Vuepoint Max – The Max version of the Vuepoint is significantly taller with about three times the stability of the ‘Mid’ height version.  If you make frequent use of your tripod while shooting I think the extra size and weight of the ‘Max version is worthwhile.  If you just need the tripod for occasional shots and/or just want the lightest possible kit, get the ‘Mid’ version.

PD Travel Tripod (Carbon) – The PD travel tripod aims to minimize folded size first, and weight second.  If you aren’t here for weight reduction, the PD is the better buy, albiet at a much higher cost.  If hauling around a tripod that is several pounds is a dealbreaker for you, stick with the Vuepoint.

Leofoto LS-224C – The Leofoto LS-224C provides the most direct competition to the Vuepoint tripods.  While it is more stable, it is still both significantly shorter and much heavier.  The Leofoto is made with metal parts though, and so should provide better durability.

Sirui T-025X – The smallest Sirui tripod provides a similar level of stability to the Vuepoint with less height and much more weight.  This is a great example to show just how much weight the Vuepoint has shed compared to its most direct rivals.

Who is it for?

Weight reduction is the singular reason to get the Vuepoint.  If you carefully weigh every item that goes into your pack or have left your tripod at home because it is too heavy, this is the tripod for you.  If you have never considered carrying a tripod before due to the weight and want to try some long exposure shots when conditions allow, the Vuepoint Mid is a great option.   On the flip side, if weight reduction is not your overriding concern you will be better off with a different option.  If you are have to get a particular long exposure shot conditions be damned, you are going to need a much heavier and more stable support for your camera.

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