Vuepoint Mid Review

Head Choice


When selecting a head, one wants to pair the legs with a head that will not compromise the stiffness of the system as a whole. On the other hand, a head that is too big adds diminishing performance increases and just adds weight.

Below is the optimization result for selecting a ball head. This chart plots the stiffness to weight ratio for this tripod and each ball head that I have tested in blue dots versus the stiffness of those heads. The red line is a generalized model for a strong performing ball head. The higher up on the this graph the higher stiffness/weight performance of the system. More information on this analysis can be found in the ball head choice optimization page.

This chart is telling us that in theory there should be optimal ball heads for the Vuepoint Mid in the 500 Nm/rad range.  It is also telling us that I haven’t tested any really good ball heads in that stiffness range.  I will note however that despite the head included with the Vuepoint not quite meeting that threshold, it is still the head that provides the best stiffness/weight ratio of anything I have tested.  This can be seen more clearly in the chart below.

Typically when searching for a head matching the stiffness to the tripod is more important than the weight.  Here we are in the opposite situation where the tripod legs are lighter than most available heads.  It is most important therefore simply to choose a lightweight head with reasonable stability.  The data in the above graph is repeated below, but instead indexed by the weight of the head as opposed to the stiffness:

We can now see that ideally we want a good head in the 50g range.  Fortunately, this is almost exactly the weight of the mini head included with the Vuepoint Mid.  While the mini head isn’t quite as stiff as I would like to see, it is not the limiting factor in terms of stiffness and so pairs very well with this set of legs.  There is little reason to use a different head here as basically anything else will be heavy enough to compromise the extremely light weight of this setup.

The Vuepoint Mid is not an appropriate platform for using any sort of pan/tilt, geared, or gimbal head.  Stick with the small ball heads.