Design & Operation


Build Quality. 

Some tripods feel like you use them to smash down a wall.  This isn’t one of them.

Center Column.

Leg Locks.  


Angle Selectors.  

The angle selectors are of the pull tab variety.  To adjust the leg angle, one pulls the tab out, adjusts, and then pushes the tab back in.  Some of the higher end

Carbon Fiber Quality. 

The carbon fiber used on the RoadTrip is of poor quality.  Carbon fiber almost always outperforms aluminum in terms of stiffness and damping capability, but in this case it doesn’t.  The aluminum version of the roadtrip performs slightly better.  This is particularly disappointing given that other tripods at this same price point are using higher quality carbon fiber that performs much better.  I certainly hope that MeFoto rectifies this in the future.