MeFoto Backpacker Air Review

  1. Introduction & Specifications
  2. Design & Operation
  3. Test Results
  4. Ball Head Is Not Removable (no head choice page)
  5. Comparison & Conclusion

The MeFoto Backpacker Air is an ultralight, ultra compact tripod clearly designed to stow easily into a bag on the go.  It is easily the smallest tripod that I have reviewed capable of getting a camera to eye level.  That comes at a price though.  It is hysterically unstable.  Those will be the two major themes throughout this abbreviated review.  If you are in any way interested in photography as a hobby, stop reading here.  If you just need a cheap support to throw a phone or point and shoot camera onto, this tripod may work well for you.  

This tripod was purchased through retail channels.  I was not paid by any party to write this review, and the opinions are entirely my own.

NameMeFoto Backpacker Air
Yaw Stiffness58.5 +/- 6 Nm/rad
Yaw Damping0.385 +/- 0.039 Js/rad
Pitch Stiffness143.8 +/- 1 Nm/rad
Pitch Damping0.661 +/- 0.066 Js/rad
Retail Price$80
Weight1.95 lbs (0.883 kgs)
Manufacturer weight rating8.8 lbs
Maximum Height37.5 in (95.2 cm)
Minimum Height11.0 in (27.9 cm)
Max Height with Center Column59.6 in (151.4 cm)
Center ColumnYes
Base Diameter1 in (2.5 cm)
Folded Length10.2 in (25.9 cm)
Folded Circumference9.2 in (23.4 cm)
Folded Volume69.0 cu. in. (1.1 liters)
Leg MaterialAluminum
Leg Sections5
Primary Leg Angle20.0 deg
Leg LocksLeg Twist
Top Tube Diameter21.9 mm
Second Tube Diameter19.2 mm
Third Tube Diameter16.0 mm
Fourth Tube Diameter13.3 mm
Fifth Tube Diameter10.0 mm
Exchangeable FeetNo
Foot TypeRubber
Bottom HookYes

The test results are included here as I consider them to be part of the tripod’s specification.  For full discussion of the stiffness and damping, see the test results page of the review.

Note that the specs here include the ballhead that comes with the Mefoto Air.  Normally I test tripods without a head attached, but in this case the head is not removable.

At under 1 kg (or 2 lbs) the Air is rather lightweight.  It is also extraordinarily compact at just over a liter in folded volume.  The folded length is easily the shortest I have ever seen in something attempting to be more than a table top tripod.  But then again, the maximum height of the tripod is incredibly short.  The center column extends quite far, up to eye level, but as we shall see in the test results, this turns the tripod into a glorified monopod.

What’s in the Box?  

The Package includes the tripod with ballhead attached, a small nylon storage bag, a phone holder, and a small remote release.  Its actually kind of nice to see some basic accessories included that will help the target audience actually achieve the images they are looking for.  Again though, if you are a hobbyist photographer, these won’t be of use to you.