Manfrotto MT190X3 Test Results

The MT190X3 is the budget version of Manfrotto’s high end photo tripods.  It is exactly the same as the more expensive versions but is only available in aluminum with three leg sections, and lacks the quick horizontal center column feature.  It actually performs slightly better than its MT190XPRO3 sibling that includes the feature, so the MT190X3 presents great value given its high build quality and decent stiffness performance.

NameManfrotto MT190X3
Yaw Stiffness403 +/- 1 Nm/rad
Yaw Damping0.143 +/- 0.014 Js/rad
Pitch Stiffness1447 +/- 7 Nm/rad
Pitch Damping0.382 +/- 0.038 Js/rad
Retail Price$152
Weight4.32 lbs (1.96 kgs)
Manufacturer weight rating15.4 lbs
Maximum Height53.4 in (135.6 cm)
Minimum Height11.7 in (29.7 cm)
Max Height with Center Column62.7 in (159.3 cm)
Center ColumnYes
Base Diameter2.3 in (5.8 cm)
Folded Length23.0 in (58.4 cm)
Folded Circumference11.5 in (29.2 cm)
Folded Volume242.0 cu. in. (4.0 liters)
Leg MaterialAluminum
Leg Sections3
Primary Leg Angle24 deg
Leg LocksFlip
Top Tube Diameter25.9 mm
Second Tube Diameter22.5 mm
Third Tube Diameter19.1 mm
Exchangeable FeetNo
Foot TypeRubber
Bottom HookNo

The stiffness and damping data are the averages of 10 trials for each measurement.  The reported error is the standard error, except in the case of the damping data. I have set the error in the damping at 10% as the standard error metric does not appropriately capture the error in fitting to the data.  All of the reported specifications are measured, with the exception of the weight rating. The tripod is measured at full height, with the center column down.


Example data for oscillations about the vertical axis of the tripod:

Beautiful data.  The damping is poor, but the stiffness is pretty good for a tripod at this price.

Example data for oscillations about the radial axis of the tripod:

Again, very nice data.  The damping is better in the pitch direction, and the stiffness is also quite good.