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The GIT304 is a good tripod, but its only that, good.  It is the definition of mid-range.  The quality is good for the price, but don’t expect to be getting the same performance and build quality as the high end tripods at half the price.  The stiffness is good, but this is largely the result of the tripod being short, and it is on the heavy side.  The design and construction of the Induro feels like it is 20 years old, and it would have been exceptional tripod then.  Now though, the competition has surpassed it, albeit at a higher price.


  • Price
  • Compact


  • Cast Components
  • Mediocre Stiffness
  • Dated Design

Compared To:

For a more complete list, see the systematic tripods ranking page.

 Induro GIT304Leofoto LN-324CFeisol Elite CT-3472 M2Gitzo GT3533LS Sytematic
Stiffness Nm/rad1443.01095.01550.02147.0
Damping Js/rad0.260.460.270.54
Weight lbs (kg)4.506 (2.044)4.87 (2.209)3.88 (1.76)4.586 (2.08)
Height in (cm)51.7 (131.3)59.7 (151.6)58.3 (148.1)59.7 (151.6)

Leofoto LN-324C:  The LN-324C is the most direct competition to the GIT304.  The Leofoto has better build quality, is slightly cheaper, and is probably about the same stiffness at similar heights.  Of note though, Leofoto does not provide direct support for their tripods, where Induro does.

Feisol Elite CT-3472:  The Feisol CT-3472 is straight up a better tripod, though is more expensive.  It is taller, stiffer, lighter, and somehow folds up to roughly the same size.  Spend the extra money and get the Feisol instead.

Gitzo GT3533LS:  I included the Gitzo to show how one of the top end tripods compares.  The Gitzo is a much better performer with better build quality.  The story is similar for the offerings from the other top manufacturers.  The Induro is not simply a cheaper version of these tripods.  The top end ones both perform better and are built better.

Who is it for?

The Induro GIT304 is for you if you want a compact systematic style tripod or if you are looking for a decently stiff tripod on a budget, and aren’t too concerned about weight.   If you do choose the GIT304, you will be rewarded with a tripod that is well build and should serve you for a long time.

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