Gitzo GT4533LS Test Results

The Gitzo GT4533LS Systematic 4 Series is another spectacularly stable tripod from the Gitzo systematic line.  Both the stiffness and damping are excellent.  It was so good that it was incredibly difficult to measure.  This tripod should support just about any photographic equipment that you can think of.

NameGitzo GT4533LS Sytematic
Stiffness About Vertical Axis2187 +/- 30 Nm/rad
Damping About Vertical Axis2.08 +/- 0.21 Js/rad
Stiffness About Radial Axis6409 +/- 28 Nm/rad
Damping About Radial Axis1.12 +/- 0.11 Js/rad
Retail Price$970
Weight5.15 lbs (2.334 kgs)
Manufacturer weight rating55 lbs
Maximum Height61.0 in (154.9 cm)
Minimum Height21.0 in (53.3 cm)
Center ColumnNo
Base Diameter2.8 in (7.1 cm)
Folded Length27.5 in (69.8 cm)
Folded Circumference15.3 in (38.9 cm)
Folded Volume512.0 cu. in. (8.4 liters)
Leg MaterialCarbon Fiber
Leg Sections3
Primary Leg Angle24 deg
Leg LocksTwist
Top Tube Diameter37.2 mm
Second Tube Diameter32.8 mm
Third Tube Diameter29.0 mm
Exchangeable FeetYes
Foot TypeRubber Platform
Bottom HookYes

The stiffness and damping data are the averages of 10 trials for each measurement.  The reported error is the standard error, except in the case of the damping data.  I have set the error in the damping at 10% as the standard error metric does not appropriately capture the error in fitting to the data.  All of the reported specifications are measured, with the exception of the weight rating.  The tripod is measured at full height.


Example data for oscillations about the vertical axis of the tripod:

This was a spectacularly difficult to measure due to the exceptional amount of damping.

The high damping results in a low Q system and therefore a broad frequency peak.


Example data for oscillations about the radial axis of the tripod:

What a mess.  We are seeing some aliasing with the pixel pitch in the construction of the plot.  Looks like a reasonable fit to the data though.

There is less damping about the radial axis resulting in a narrower peak.  Still excellent performance though.