Gitzo G1220 MK2 Review

This is a discontinued model from Gitzo.  This review will thus be brief.


This is an abbreviated list.  The full measured specs can be found here.

Weight4.93 lbs (2.236 kgs)
Maximum Height47.7 in (121.2 cm)
Minimum Height21.0 in (53.3 cm)
Max Height with Center Column60.3 in (153.2 cm)
Folded Length22.7 in (57.7 cm)
Folded Volume203.0 cu. in. (3.3 liters)
Leg MaterialAluminum
Leg Sections3
Primary Leg Angle24 deg
Leg LocksTwist
Exchangeable FeetNo
Foot TypeRubber
Bottom HookYes
Retail Price$250


This tripod has a center column and the legs can be set at multiple angles.


The main handling issues with this tripod is the weight.  Tripods were made heavier back then.  The legs are also free to rotate, unlike modern tripods.  This means that the legs locks will need to be tightened from the top down.

Build Quality

The build quality is excellent.  This tripod for last for several more decades of use.

Test Results

The full test data can be found here.  The table below summarizes the results.

Stiffness About Vertical Axis699 +/- 4 Nm/rad
Damping About Vertical Axis0.196 +/- 0.02 Js/rad
Stiffness About Radial Axis1894 +/- 52 Nm/rad
Damping About Radial Axis2.37 +/- 0.24 Js/rad

These are solid numbers.  The tripod’s low height, weight, and build quality all contribute to having impressive stiffness for an aluminum tripod.



  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Very Stable
  • Inexpensive on the used market


  • Heavy
  • Difficult to find

If you are looking for a cheap but stable tripod, and don’t mind the weight, this is an excellent option.