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The Feisol CT-3472 M2 is a fantastic performer, especially for the price.  There are few true values to be had in the tripod world, but this is one of them.  For $600, we get the stiffness, weight, and height performance that we normally expect from much more expensive tripods.  The build quality, while excellent, isn’t quite up to the standard of those more expensive offerings.  In addition, the mediocre damping and lack of top plate options may give pause.  If those particular features are not on your priority list though, the CT-3472 makes a brilliant all purpose photo tripod.


  • Value
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Performance
  • Build quality – machined aluminum parts


  • Questionable top plate locking mechanism
  • No available video bowl
  • Leg angle noticeably different than specified
  • Damping only okay

Compared To:

For a more complete list, see the systematic tripods ranking page.

 Feisol Elite CT-3472 M2Leofoto LN-324CInduro GIT304ProMediaGear TR343L
Stiffness Nm/rad1550.01095.01443.01783.0
Damping Js/rad0.270.460.260.46
Weight lbs (kg)3.88 (1.76)4.87 (2.209)4.506 (2.044)4.12 (1.869)
Height in (cm)58.3 (148.1)59.7 (151.6)51.7 (131.3)59.3 (150.6)

Leofoto LN-324C:  The LN-324C is the smallest of Leofoto’s systematic tripods, but it is still significantly heavier than the Feisol.  There isn’t much to choose between in terms of build quality, but the Feisol’s performance is simply better.  The Leofoto is better suited for video and for long lenses due to the better damping, but that’s about it.  In my opinion, the Feisol is totally worth the price difference.

Induro GIT304:  This seems like a natural comparison given the price points, but the Feisol is just straight up better.  The only advantage the Induro has is the ability to accept standard top plate accessories.

ProMediaGear TR343L:  This a 3 section tripod, so the comparison isn’t totally fair.  I would expect the stiffness of equivalent PMG and Feisol tripods to be similar.  The PMG though has better damping, a better feature set, and better build quality.  Price aside, I would without hesitation pick the PMG.  The price though is significantly higher though, so that is a value judgement that you have to make.

Who is it for?

The Feisol CT-3472 is for everyone who wants a high performance tripod but doesn’t want to pay top dollar.  That sounds like a lot of people.  More specifically, the CT-3472 excels in being a lightweight compact package with excellent stiffness performance.  When in use, this doesn’t feel like a bulky systematic tripod; it feels like something I wouldn’t mind taking on a day hike.  Since the damping performance is only okay, I wouldn’t recommend this tripod for use with super telephoto lenses.  If you are serious about video, this also isn’t for due to the lack of an available video bowl.  So, if you want a top performing tripod for general photo use at a good price, the Feisol is a great option.

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