Really Right Stuff TVC-24 Review

Comparison & Conclusion


The TVC-24 is a superbly built and excellently performing tripod, which is exactly what we have come to expect from RRS.  If this tripod has the right combination of overall height and portability for your needs, you won’t find a better choice.  The versa apex and optional TFC apex allow you to modify and customize the TVC-24 in a way that simply isn’t possible in most all-purpose style tripods.  These are features we typically only see in larger systematic style tripods and is perhaps the greatest selling point for the TVC-24, unmatched versatility for its size.  Of course, all of this comes at the cost premium that we have come to associate with RRS.  There are other very good tripods out there that are much cheaper.


  • Excellent overall stiffness & damping performance
  • Wide range of accessories to modify and expand its capabilities
  • Build quality
  • Customer service


  • Fairly short for an all-purpose tripod
  • Expensive
  • High cost of accessories

Compared To:

For a more complete list, see the all-purpose tripods ranking page.

RRS TVC-24RRS TVC-24LRRS TVC-23CTC 2 AlumFLM CP30-S4 IIFeisol CT-3401
Stiffness Nm/rad1601.01132.01941.01108.01144.0779.0
Damping Js/rad0.450.30.330.520.210.15
Weight lbs (kg)3.38 (1.533)3.752 (1.702)3.38 (1.533)3.399 (1.542)2.888 (1.31)2.884 (1.308)
Height in (cm)49.8 (126.5)66.1 (167.9)51.9 (131.8)49.8 (126.5)53.0 (134.6)50.3 (127.8)

The TVC-24 (middle), TVC-23 (top) and TFC-14 (bottom) The TVC-24 is compact, but not quite a travel tripod.

RRS TVC-24L – The TVC-24L is identical to the TVC-24 except for the lengths of the legs.  As such it is taller, heavier, and less stiff when used at full height.  When used at the same height though, we would expect these tripods to perform similarly.  Because of the longer tube lengths, the 24L version is also significantly larger when folded and subsequently less portable.

RRS TVC-23 – The TVC-23 is the same expect for having three longer tube sections instead of the four shorter ones found on the 24.  It is slightly taller and has a little bit better stiffness than found on the 24, but is also quite a bit larger when folded.  If the folded size is an important factor for you, the 24 version is much more sensible.

Colorado Tripod Company Centennial 2 – The Centennial 2 is a similarly sized tripod from the relative newcomer Colorado Tripod Company.  The Centennial tripod includes a center column but is roughly the same size and weight.  Performance is lower due to smaller tube diameters on the CTC, but build quality is also excellent, especially given the large price differential.

FLM CP30-S4 II – The tube diameters on the FLM are slightly smaller resulting in the smaller size and lower stiffness.  The FLM is taller, lighter, and folds into an overall smaller package, all at less than half the price.  The build quality on the FLM is also excellent.  At less than half the price of the RRS, its hard not to see the FLM as a tempting option here.

Feisol CT-3401 – The Feisol is of the older ‘classic’ line with molded as opposed to machined components.  It has smaller tube diameters than the RRS and again shows lower stiffness and weight.  It certainly isn’t a bad tripod, but can’t compare to the other tripods in this comparison.

Who is it for?

If you want a tripod that straddles the line between an all-purpose and tripod model in size and are willing to pay for the best build quality and performance, the TVC-24 is perfect for you.  Accessories such as the TFC apex and center column can help modify these legs to fit more specific purposes when circumstances demand it.  If you want to own one tripod that can do everything in its various forms, this one is a great candidate.

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