Really Right Stuff TVC-24 Review

Introduction & Specifications


The TVC-24 is the smallest of the RRS 2-series tripods.  It folds up smaller than some of the larger travel tripods, but has many of the features and performance that we would expect from a small systematic style set of legs.  In this respect it is my desert island tripod.  If I could only one one tripod, it would be this one.  That’s not the say this is the perfect tripod though.  For any specific purpose, it is likely you will find a different model that suits you better.

Versatility is a big strong point of the RRS tripods in general.  It is fairly easy to transform the TVC-24 to a variety of tasks using the available accessories such as the fixed base, which converts the tripod in the TFC-24 version, or the center column to add quick height adjustment.  Given that swapping the base costs a fraction of buying an entire new tripod, it makes the most sense to consider these tripods to be the same model.  Throughout the review, I will try to emphasize where the major differences would be from making these modifications.

Note that the tripod tested here is the 1st generation version, and RRS has now released an updated line of ‘Mark II’ tripods.  For the most part though, these tripods have nearly identical specifications and performance.  I will mention the places in which the tripod has changed in the Mark II version, but the bulk of this review will apply equally well to both versions.

This tripod was purchased through retail channels.  I was not paid by any party to write this review, and the opinions are entirely my own.

NameRRS TVC-24
ClassAll Purpose
Yaw Stiffness1019 +/- 2 Nm/rad
Yaw Damping0.367 +/- 0.037 Js/rad
Pitch Stiffness3736 +/- 15 Nm/rad
Pitch Damping0.598 +/- 0.06 Js/rad
Retail Price$960
Weight3.38 lbs (1.533 kgs)
Manufacturer weight rating40 lbs
Maximum Height49.8 in (126.5 cm)
Minimum Height3.7 in (9.4 cm)
Center ColumnNo
Base Diameter2.0 in (5.1 cm)
Folded Length19.0 in (48.3 cm)
Folded Circumference12.0 in (30.5 cm)
Folded Volume218.0 cu. in. (3.6 liters)
Leg MaterialCarbon Fiber
Leg Sections4
Primary Leg Angle24 deg
Leg LocksTwist
Top Tube Diameter32.7 mm
Second Tube Diameter28.6 mm
Third Tube Diameter24.5 mm
Fourth Tube Diameter20.4 mm
Exchangeable FeetYes
Foot TypeRubber
Bottom HookYes

The test results are included here as I consider them to be part of the tripod’s specification. For full discussion of the stiffness and damping, see the test results page of the review.

The TVC-24 is remarkably compact for an all purpose tripod.  It is small enough when folded to very reasonably be used as a travel tripod, especially when paired with the TFC apex which reduces the folded diameter dramatically.  Unfortunately, this compact size is in part due to the short height of the TVC-24.  At 49.8 in (126.5 cm), the tripod is too short to position the camera at eye level for most people, and is barely taller than the RRS TFC-14 travel tripod.  One can of course add the center column to add additional height, but this adds a significant amount of weight and bulk to the tripod.

What’s in the Box?

Compared to many manufacturers, the contents of a Really Right Stuff tripod box are fairly sparse.  I don’t mind this as I tend not to use most of the accessories that may come with a tripod anyways.  The tripod comes with the necessary hex wrenches and a small tube of blue Loctite to prevent the feet from coming loose if you choose to use it.  There are no spiked feet, no carry case, or any of the other accessories that are often found accompanying a tripod.  These are of course available from RRS at additional cost.  Expect theses to be of both typical RRS cost and quality.