Travel Tripod Rankings

This rankings page only includes tripods that considered to be travel tripods.  These are characterized by some combination of small folded size (shown as Volume below), light weight, and the manufacturer’s marketing.

TripodPriceStiffness NmHeight inWeight lbsVolume litresScore
RRS TFC-14$7951099.
Gitzo GT1545T Traveler$600792.
RRS TQC-14$895932.
LeoFoto LS-284C$200794.
Feisol CT-3442 Tournament$420611.
Leofoto LS-254C$216537.
Leofoto LS-224C$182390.
Sirui T-2205X$290526.
MeFoto GlobeTrotter Carbon$350531.
Induro CLT104$350543.
Manfrotto 190go! Carbon$280548.
FLM CP26$381458.
Oben CT-2331$200268.
MeFoto GlobeTrotter Aluminum$200495.
Manfrotto 190go! Aluminum$150483.
Zomei 669C$140369.
Induro 8M AT-114$150369.
Manfrotto BeFree Advanced$190284.
Sirui T-025X$200205.

The reasoning behind the rankings and calculation of the score can be found here.  The reported stiffness is the harmonic mean of the stiffness measured at full height in the pitch and yaw directions.  The score is simply stiffness*height^{1.25}/weight.  These rankings are by no means definitive as people place differing amounts of value on the different aspects of tripod design.  This is a simple overview with a performance metric.