Systematic Tripod Rankings

These are largest, most stable tripods available.  They tend to be modular, with a removable base that can be fitted with a video bowl or center column.  They are tall, have large spider, and thick legs.  Naturally, they also tend to be heavy and bulky.

TripodPriceStiffness NmHeight inWeight lbsScore
Gitzo GT5533LS Systematic$10504939.056.66.013119.
Gitzo GT4533LS Systematic$9703261.061.05.142694.
FLM CP38-L4 II$8412224.067.54.922234.
FLM Atlas CP42-L4$10692420.072.25.932232.
RRS TVC-33S$9902618.050.53.852175.
RRS TVC-33$10252184.058.44.302021.
Gitzo GT3533LS Sytematic$8602147.059.74.581927.
RRS TVC-34L$11601656.067.84.531821.
ProMediaGear TR343L$8501783.059.34.121763.
FLM Berlin 38.4$8102787.054.25.811705.
FLM CP34-L4 II$6831393.068.04.171669.
Feisol Elite CT-3472 M2$6001550.058.33.881586.
Berlebach 302$2602329.054.56.231342.
Leofoto LN-404C$6501884.071.27.781298.
Induro GIT304$5751443.051.74.501062.
Leofoto LN-324C$4501095.059.74.87925.6
Induro AT203$180881.056.45.29629.4
Gitzo GT3340L$450874.059.17.06501.8

The reasoning behind the rankings and calculation of the score can be found here.  The reported stiffness is the harmonic mean of the stiffness measured at full height in the pitch and yaw directions.  The score is simply stiffness*height^{1.25}/weight.  These rankings are by no means definitive as people place differing amounts of value on the different aspects of tripod design.  This is a simple overview with a performance metric.