Pan Tilt Head Rankings

Below is a sortable table of all tested pan tilt and geared tripod heads.

HeadPrice USDStiffness Nm/radWeight lbs (kgs)Stiffness/weight
Acratech Panoramic$42044320.959 (0.435)4621.
Induro BHQ3$27033742.455 (1.114)1373.
Gitzo G-2271M$32019091.704 (0.773)1120.
Manfrotto 410 Junior$24814912.541 (1.153)586.5
Photoclam Multiflex$145013272.244 (1.018)591.2
Benro GD3WH$20010431.534 (0.696)680.0
Leofoto G4$3808011.499 (0.68)534.6
Manfrotto MH804-3WUS$886291.576 (0.715)398.8

The stiffness metric is the harmonic mean of the stiffness measured about the vertical and radial axes.