Comparison & Conclusion

The FLM CP30-S4 II is an excellent tripod with the kind of performance and build quality we are used to seeing at a much higher price point.  The overall size of the CP30-S4 is its most defining characteristic.  Larger and stiffer than your typical travel tripod, but not quite as bulky as an all purpose model, the FLM slots neatly between the two categories.  If this sounds like what you are looking for, the FLM is likely the perfect tripod for you.  My only problems with the FLM are rather minor, and more a matter of personal preference than any concern over a design flaw.


  • Price
  • Build quality
  • Stiffness performance 
  • Nylon set screws!


  • No rubber grips on the leg locks.  May not be a con for some.
  • Damping is less than hoped for given the marketing, but not bad.
  • No option for a removable center column

Compared To:

For a more complete list, see the all-purpose tripods rankings page.

FLM CP30-S4 IIRRS TVC-24CTC Centennial 2 AluminumFeisol CT-3442 TournamentLeofoto LS-324C
Stiffness Nm/rad1144.01601.01108.0611.01095.0
Damping Js/rad0.210.450.520.380.47
Weight lbs (kg)2.888 (1.31)3.38 (1.533)3.399 (1.542)2.54 (1.152)3.064 (1.39)
Height in (cm)53.0 (134.6)49.8 (126.5)49.8 (126.5)55.7 (141.5)51.3 (130.3)

Really Right Stuff TVC-24 – The RRS TVC 24 is potentially the best tripod in this catergory.  It has exceptional build quality and performance.  However, it is heavier and shorter than the FLM.  If the FLM was built up to a larger specification, it isn’t unreasonable to suppose that the performance of the two tripods would be similar.  The RRS also costs more than twice as much, so the fact that we are comparing them as peers is a testament to the quality of the FLM

Colorado Tripod Company Centennial 2 –  The CTC centennial is potentially the stiffest competition to the FLM.  Like the FLM, it has excellent performance and build quality at a competitive price.  Its center column makes it much heavier and bulkier though.  If you want a center column, the CTC is the better tripod for you.  If you don’t, get the FLM.

Feisol CT-3442 – The Feisol has been an incredibly popular tripod for its combination of light weight, height, and reasonable price.  The FLM performs much better and has better build quality.  There is no reason to get the Feisol unless you want the option for a removable center column.

Leofoto LS-324C – The FLM is lighter, taller, and built better than the Leofoto.  The FLM also comes with a warranty and support.  The Leofoto is one of the best value tripods out there, but the FLM is worth the extra cash for a better tripod.

Who is it for?

The FLM CP30-S4 II is a tripod that should appeal to anyone who moves around a lot with their gear but wants something more stable than can be had in a dedicated travel tripod.  This is a lot of people, and I expect the FLM to be an extremely popular tripod.  If this tripod is the right size for you, and you don’t mind the lack of a center column option, you needn’t look any further.

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