Colorado Tripod Company Highline Mini Review

The Colorado Tripod Company started their Highline series of ballheads as a


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The Highline mine has a main lock knob and and a separate panning lock.

The unique feature of the Highline series, the large cutout window in the drop notch, appears on the mini as well, albeit in a somewhat reduced form.  This enlarged cutout allows for more freedom of movement in positioning the camera when used in portrait mode.



Quick Release

A small sized Arca style screw clamp is included with the head, along with a 40mm quick release plate to match.  This quick release is a real highlight of the Highline Mini.  The machined aluminum has a very nice look and feel to it.  The screw knob moves very smoothly.  I have paid a lot more than $20 for worse quick releases than this one.  If all you did was buy the head to use quick release on a different one, that wouldn’t be illogical.

Build Quality


Compared to 


  • Extremely Affordable
  • Excellent build quality from machined aluminum
  • Excellent stiffness performance for the size and weight
  • Attractive design
  • Smooth knob motion


  • No

Who is it for?

If you are looking for a compact ball head for your compact and lightweight support setup, the Highline Mini is one of the best available heads, regardless of price.  Once you do factor in the price, this becomes a great low risk addition to expand your kit.  If there was nifty-fifty of the tripod world, this is it.  Just get one.

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