MeFoto GlobeTrotter Test Results Up

I have just posted the test results for both the carbon fiber and aluminum versions of the MeFoto GlobeTrotter Tripods.  The results are not particularly impressive, but this is predictable given their design with five leg sections.  The bottom leg end up so small, and there are so many leg locks that the stiffness suffers.

Interestingly, the carbon fiber version was not significantly stiffer than the aluminum version.  For axial rotations, it actually tested slightly worse.  This is not the typical pattern that I have seen.  I am not exactly sure why this is the case.  The bottom leg diameter is slightly smaller for the carbon version, and leg angle is slightly narrower, both factors which we expect to reduce the axial stiffness.  It could also be that having 4 leg locks, which are points of weakness, is the true limiting factor.

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